Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Picture of you

Hope everyone's good! I've been nursing a poorly boyfriend over the last few days so haven't been up to anything to exciting of late. I did however finally make it to Asda over the weekend to get some films developed. It's been a while!

I had no idea what was on either film, I've got so many cameras with unfinished film in dotted around at the moment I really don't know what's on any of them anymore. So it's always a nice surprise when I get the photos back. 

At the beginning of July I went the see Boyzone! Yess so cool I know! When I was 12/13 they were my favourite band. Myself, my sister Lucy and cousin Stacey were obsessed with them and we'd go to see them in concert all the time. So when Stacey's boyfriend bought her 4 tickets to see them for her birthday this year she invited us along. 

The concert was held at Delamere Forest which is an outdoor venue. I'd never been before and I was so impressed. It's such an awesome place to see a show, we lucked out with the weather and it was a lovely warm evening. 

We took a little picnic and a good old box of wine and relived our youth with some old School Boyzone tunes. It was a really fun night and I'd love to go see more acts there, I forgot I'd even taken my camera until I picked up the developed film.

In case you were wondering why the photos look so scratched and dirty it's because the film got jammed in the machine during development. I wasn't very happy but Asda sweetened me up with a £20 gift card and I actually kinda like the look of the pictures to be honest. Did make me realize I should start taking my film to a proper development lab though.

Below are just a few pics from a spontaneous night out a weeks few back that were also on this film.


  1. That's such a shame about the film getting jammed, but good that they have reimbursed you. I'm sad my local asda has got rid of their photo counter but it's so cheap compared to other places, I wouldn't blame you for carrying on going there! x

    1. I know it is really cheap, I had a look online at some local labs and they charge £10 per film! plus postage ect there's no way I could afford that the amount I shoot haha x