Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Swan With Two Knecks

For mine and Dan's eighth year anniversary (which granted was a while ago now, but I've only just had this film developed) we decided to treat ourselves to nice meal at The Swan With Two Knecks. 

It's not far from Newcastle (under Lyme) and is little posher than your average pub. So the prices are abit higher than what I'd usually pay but it is totally worth it! I've been a few times now and every thing I've tried has been amazing.

We went on a Tuesday evening around about half past 6 and it wasn't really that busy which made a nice change as it's usually packed. To start off we both ordered a rekorderlig, I was totally impressed when the waiter bought along two glasses filled with fresh strawberry's, limes and ice. So yummy!

We decided to skip the starters so save room for desert. I ordered the "Homemade sausage wellington with sweet potato mash, Savoy cabbage and red wine gravy." It was very tasty, especially the sweet potato mash. For the price £10.96 you get alot for your money, there were three massive slices of the wellington I couldn't finish it all. 

Dan ordered the "Roasted sea bass fillets on pan fried potatoes, chorizo, peppers, olives, coriander and broccoli, served with lobster, tomato and basil sauce" He pulled his face when it came out as it didn't look like there was alot on the plate compared to mine (typical man) but by time he was finished he was full up and really enjoyed it.

For desert we both had the Homemade Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream. I was to excited to take a photo but I can assure you it looked and tasted soooo good I could eat it again right now for my breki.

It cost almost £50 for everything which is much more than our usual tenner takeaway but fine for a special occasion every now and again. 

Urghh I'm really hungry now!

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