Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Chinon Love

Hello! Whilst making a few changes to my blog (such as the new nav bar up top!) I realized that I've put alot of photos on here using my Chinon CS but haven't actually talked about it yet. Which is abit silly really as it's my favourite camera! 

I love it so much, it's my little baby and it only cost me £5 on ebay. Talk about a bargain. When I originally bought it I couldn't shoot in manual mode to save my life. I just couldn't get my head around aperture and shutter speeds. It was only through this camera that it finally clicked! The above photo was taken on the very first roll shot with this camera, it's over exposed but I remember being so pleased with the depth of field action!

This camera is totally manual, there is no auto mode. So you have to really think about every shot. It came with a 50mm lens which is excellent for portraits, but I've recently bought a 35mm lens as I wanted a wider frame to work with. So far I've used the 35mm alot more than the 50mm. 

Just to give you an idea on the difference between the lenses the first shot below was taken on the 50mm lens and the second on the 35mm lens. I would say that I stood about the same distance away from the subject to take both shots. As you can see the 35mm lens allows for a much wider shot.

 The only down side to this camera is the weight! It's really heavy which does make it abit of a pain to carry around put the images are usually worth it :)

You can see some more images shot with it on the blog here, here and well most post's include at least a few to be honest!

If your thinking of getting a manual film SLR I couldn't recommend this one more!

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