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Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. I'm Vicki,  I live in Stoke on Trent with my boyfriend of 8 years Dan and I shoot film.

Lots and lots of film....

I've been interested in photography for ten years now (holy crap I feel old) ever since I developed my first roll of film in college. There was nothing I loved more than to be cooped up in the dark room all day, listening to my MP3 player, developing my own pictures. I even went on to study photography at Uni. I lasted a year.....I hated it. It was all digital, digital, digital....I just wanted to run back to my little dark room. 

Uni definitely wasn't for me but that didn't stop my love of photography. I've been shooting everything and anything ever since and there's no sign of my love for it waning any time soon. 

So I started this blog as a place to share my life through film photography. It's still very new so please let me know what you think :)

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