Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Look up

I have a secret obsession....I can't stop taking pictures of the sky. It's like an itch, as soon as I see a pretty sky I have to grab a camera.

I have an album full on my computer, so thought I may as well share a few every now and then incase anyone else secretly loves looking up.

All taken on a Kodak point and shoot


  1. me too me too me too. Yeahhh! Nice to find other people into film. Thanks for your comments on my blog. The LC wide is esp nice for photographing busy cities, you can get so much in, obviously. :) Bas

  2. Oh, also I meant to say. Love love these pictures, nice work !

  3. Brilliant photos, I love looking up too �� x

  4. Love how the dust spots make it look like there are some magical space things floating around - comments and such.