Monday, 10 March 2014

Until next weekend

Me and dan at ocean beach in San Francisco last September. Taken on Instax 210.

Hope everyone's had a fun weekend! Monday soon comes around but I'm actually quite chipper today. It must be the sunny weather. As my boyfriend (the guy pushing me over in the pic above) says I'm always my happiest when the suns shining.

My weekend was lovely. Me and Dan went to the Red Lion in Wybunbury on Friday night, first time we had ever been and I've got to say I was really impressed. We both had homemade steak and ale pie, it was so yummy and the portions were massive. I'd definitely recommend it.

Saturday evening I was out for a meal again (I love food!) this time for my friends birthday at The Orange Tree. We had an awesome night, filled with laughter and cocktails followed by more cocktails and shots of tequila!

Yesterday the sun was out in full force, my kind of weather. I spent most of the day running around Keele Hall with my nephew George. I managed to snap a few pics of him before he got annoyed and told me to put my camera away. Here's a few pictures I took off him a few weeks ago on a Nikon F301 SLR I bought off ebay. I really liked the grain and over all look of the images which is why it's even more annoying that the camera has since stopped working.

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