Monday, 17 March 2014

Gabi and glitter


Hope everyone's Monday wasn't to much of a snooze fest. I've just dyed my hair and I think the fumes may of gone to my head a little bit! So excuse my ramblings.

My weekend didn't quite go as planned. My sister came down with a case of the lurgy so she was in no fit state to have her photo taken. She spent most of the weekend on my sofa while I served her chicken soup and icecream. I can be a nice sister sometimes :]

So I thought I'd at least share some photos of Gabrielle anyway. I took these on an expired disposable camera I found in my wardrobe a while ago. I think it expired around about 2005. I painted the lens with some glittery nail polish and these were the results. I was pleasantly surprised by the how they came out, I really love the dreaminess of the images....

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