Thursday, 29 May 2014

Lomo Fish eye 2

I've had the Lomography Fish eye 2 camera for about a year and a half now. I've already featured some shots I took with it here and here but thought I'd talk abit about the actual camera. It shoots 35mm film and has a 170 degree view. I used to have the original fish eye which I used all the time until the flash finally blew. I never got round to fixing it so when it came time for a new one I decided to upgrade to the newest version.

Unlike the original fish eye this one has lots of new features such as...
  • Multiple exposure can take as many shots on one frame of film as you want
  • Bulb setting which allows you to hold the shutter open for long exposures 
  •  Along with the built in flash you can also attach a second flash to the hotshoe. I have attached my Holga hotshoe flash before
  • It also includes a fisheye viewfinder to help with your composure. With the old one I'd just point and shoot and hope for the best. 
It is a really fun camera as you never know what might come out. Sometimes the shots are amazing and other times they are not so great. I took it to last weeks wedding and pretty much all the photos were a disappointment. I'm not sure if I had it on the wrong setting or whether there's a problem with the flash but alot of the photos were really blurry, but that's the risk you take with Lomo cameras and it's part of the fun in my eyes.

Hopefully the blurry blip was just a one off as I'd love to experiment with this camera more, especially using the long exposures which I haven't really taken advantage off much. 

Do you own a fisheye? What do you think of it?

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Mr & Mrs

Hope everyone had a lovely long weekend :)
I've had almost a week off work and it's been lovely. I attended a wedding of some really good friends last Wednesday. The groom Mark is my boyfriend Dan's cousin and best friend so he acted as best man. It was my first "proper" wedding, as in not family or just attending the evening do, and I loved it! 

It all took place at The Three Horseshoes in Leek, a really beautiful venue with absolutely stunning views of the roaches made even better by the weather. We could not have asked for a nicer day, the sun didn't stop shining. The food was also top notch, if your getting married around the Staffordshire area I would most definitely recommend this venue.

Mark and Jo are such a fun couple, they've been together for 12 years and are still totally besotted with each other. I was so happy to be included in their special day. Of course I took a few cameras with me, I can't help myself! These shots were taken on my instax mini, Chinon CS and a disposable.