Monday, 1 September 2014

Photo of the day....

You might remember my August Break post, I talked about participating and taking a photo a day throughout August. Well August is officially over and I have completed my little challenge. 

Unlike most other people who took part I didn't share any photos in August as I was shooting them on film. Having had it developed yesterday I plan to share a photo a day throughout September (I've been abit of a cheat and snuck in a few shots taken before August to that I think fit the themes, as only 22 pics actually came back from development). You might notice a few of them have quite a few light leaks, I had a panic thinking the film hadn't latched on after quite a few day's of shooting. So opened the back to have a look, oops!

This will keep the blog ticking along nicely as I'm off to America on Friday, yipeeeee. I'm so excited! Me and Dan are off on a USA road trip starting in LA and ending in Las Vegas with stops in Palm Springs, Zion national park and the Grand Canyon North Rim :D

Here's my first photo of the day, the theme was Lunch

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