Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Clevedon Pier

After our day at Weston Super Mare we decided to visit Clevedon Pier. We were actually staying in Clevedon so it was only a ten minute drive from our accommodation. 

Clevedon Pier is the the only fully intact, Grade 1 listed pier in the country (according to their website) and if your a big One Direction fan you might recognize it from one of their music videos. After such a sunny day at the beach it went quite overcast in the evening which I think you can see from the the photos.(All taken on my Chinon CS)

I loved how the Pier is still in it's original state and hasn't been commercialised. It just has a tiny tearoom which was closed when we were there, it looked like it couldn't fit anymore than 5 people in at a time, very cute!

After we had explored the Pier we walked pretty much the whole length of the sea front. Watching people have massive BBQs all along the beach as we went made us all very jealous that we don't live anywhere near the seafront.

Although it was just a quick weekend getaway we all really enjoyed our mini holiday to North Somerset, it's only a few hours drive from Stoke we would definitely visit again. It made me realize I need to make the effort to visit more pretty places in England rather that spending the weekends moaning that there's nothing to do in Stoke!

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