Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Happy Birthday to meeee

It's maa birthday, It's maa birthday. Well it was my birthday on Sunday anyway ha. I'm another year older and still none the wiser!

I finished work last Wednesday and had a lovely long weekend. Me and Dan headed to Manchester for the day on Thursday for shopping, cocktails, lunch at Home Sweet Home, tea at Wagamamas, basically a day of food and drink. 

Friday we headed to Tittesworth Reservoir for a picnic and a wander around the lake, it was boilingggg. I took my new panoramic camera that I picked up in a charity shop the other week for £1.99, I'm curious to see how they come out.

Saturday I invited all my friends round and we headed to the big sports field near me to drink, play rounders/footy/frisby and eat lots of pizza (15 to be exact!). After an amazing sunny week it was only apt that the heavens opened as soon as we got to the field! (my birthdays are cursed with rain). Luckily someone had left a gazebo on the field which we gladly took cover in until the rain passed.

These pics are just a few taken using my Instax mini on Saturday and the cake one on my actual birthday on Sunday. I forgot to set the camera to Landscape on the above pic which is why it's so blurry booo.

My boss bought this Happy Fucking Birthday camera which I used over the weekend to, can't wait to see how they come out!

Once it was to dark to even see our drinks we headed to my local followed by some dancing at Bunker 13. I had a really fun night, it's great when you can get all your friends together in one place :)

On Sunday I had a pretty chilled day, Dan took me for ice-cream then we went out for a meal with my family. All in all a really good Birthday! :)


  1. Happy Birthday for Sunday - July is the best month :) Sounds like you had a brilliant time :) x

    1. Thank you!! It defo is the best month :) xx

  2. It all sounds wonderful! Happy belated birthday, vicki! ♥