Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Weston-super-mare day trip

Last weekend I enjoyed a lovely little trip to the seaside with my family and we were actually blessed with amazing weather for once. It was pretty iffy on the drive down, we drove through a massive hail storm followed by torrential rain so I wasn't expecting the beach to be much fun. 

Low and behold when me and Dan reached Clevedon, North Somerset, where the rest of my family had arrived the night before the sun actually came out and stayed out! Wooop. So we decided to head 20 minutes down the road to Weston Super Mare. 

I'd never actually been before and have to say I thought it was a really nice beach. We started off with a wander up the pier, as you can see from the above pics we headed to the arcade so George could play on a few games. We didn't spend long in there though as we were all convinced the sun wouldn't last so wanted to have some fun on the beach before the heavens opened.

However the sun just kept shining, so after a nice lunch sat on the sand we spent the rest of the afternoon running around beach with George. He absolutely loved it and I was totally shattered by the time we left. How do kids have so much energy allllll the time!? 

That evening we headed to Clevedon Pier which lovely, I'm just waiting to develop that film so I'll be sure to blog about it once I get them back :)

All of the above images were shot on my trusty Chinon


  1. That cloud ia just absolutely insane! Also, love all the bits of blue in your photographs :D

    1. isn't it just! That cloud was just there all day turning darker and darker, luckily it never made it over the beach :)

  2. hej vicki, just found you via katie :) those pictures are beautiful. and the cloud is just amazing!

  3. Hooray! I've found another film photography blog! Lovely photos!