Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter weekend

Hope everyone had a fun Easter Break!

I finished work last Wednesday so had a lovely long weekend. Me and Dan went to Liverpool Thursday and Friday for some shopping, eating and drinking. I was trying to find an outfit for a wedding I'm going to next month, but no luck yet. 

The rest of my weekend went by pretty fast. Went to the cinema for the first in agesss and saw Captain America. Had drinks round a friends and discovered their Tefal Actifry. I want one! Doesn't half make some amazing chips and I'm a sucker for chips! 

On Sunday my mum organized a little Easter egg hunt for my nephew which he enjoyed! Watched Fargo Sunday night, can't wait for next one. Then yesterday was mostly spent outside in the sun, followed by a lazy night watching it's Always sunny in Philadelphia then Game of Thrones. I've just started reading the GOT books to so I'm abit mad for it at the moment.

I haven't posted on here for a week so sorry for the ramble.

In other news I was really pleased last week to be featured on two websites if you fancied a peak....

Develop and Fix

Soabos Magazine

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