Wednesday, 30 April 2014

California Dreaming...LaLa Land

Ahh LaLa land, home to the stars, sunshine and very very good looking people. Los Angeles was our final destination on our USA road trip last year, you can check part one and two here.

I've visited LA twice before but this was definitely my favourite visit, being there with friends made me and Dan much more adventurous and really changed our experience. We packed quite alot into our time there which meant I took alotttt of photos. So instead of one mega heavy photo post I'm going to stretch it to one more post after this, sorry if you're bored! 

We booked this apartment through air bnb for the entirety of our stay, it was perfect for two couples and just 8 blocks away from the main shopping area in Santa Monica and ten blocks to the beach. I've stayed in Hollywood before but have to say I much prefer to stay near the beach, I always thought Hollywood would be all glamorous and make me go woww. It's not! It's pretty grim, not very clean and just not my kind of place whereas Santa Monica and Venice Beach are my cup of tea. You have the beach, the boardwalk, the pier, shops, restaurants, entertainment all withing walking distance. 

Above are some photos from out first few days there. First up a lazy day at the beach, which was well needed after such a busy first week. Next we went to Disneyland Resort which is split into two parks, Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure park. We all much preferred the latter where we spent most of our day, Disneyland was fun but we didn't need alot of time there and the castle was so small!

Being typical Brits we decided to check out a British pub one night only to be very surprised when Ed Sheeran walked in! How very LA! After a few to many blue moons I went over to him to introduce myself and we had a lovely chat about Game of Thrones and how he'd met some of the cast. Such a nice, friendly guy and happy to have a photo with me and Dan.

Safe to say I was very hungover the next day so what better time to go ride some roller coasters at Universal Studios! (barfff). Highlight was the haunted house! So funny having two grown men hiding behind me, using me as a shield whilst a little man dressed as chucky jumped out as us with a knife! haha!!


  1. These are SO MUCH FUN! I wish I used film when I was in the west coast years ago and captured all the sea, sand and sun with my film cameras. Now I just have to go back. :)

    1. Aw thanks I'm glad you enjoyed them :) it's a good excuse to go back to the west coast as any! So many pretty places to photograph x